This group is a place for people in the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro, area to give and receive volunteer, person-to-person assistance for logistical issues connected to COVID-19. While this area has been fortunate and we hope it stays that way, kids are out of school, people  are practicing social distancing and others are missing work and losing business. Let’s think about what we can offer each other.


Use the forms on our front page to tell us what gifts you can share and what you need. Our volunteers will connect you to another person in our area.


Be sure that what you’re doing is commensurate with a level of risk you’re comfortable with. You want to be as careful as the most vulnerable person you see regularly. In addition to COVID-19 best practices, remember we are meeting strangers from the internet. Use good judgement. Be prepared to say no to requests which make you uncomfortable (helping people at night, going to remote locations).  Don’t pick up narcotic prescriptions or go to the bank for anyone you don’t know well in real life. If something feels “off” back off and let us know.


If you are offering services for a fee which you feel would be helpful, feel free to post them on our Facebook page. Please don’t use the volunteer form for that. We want to be clear about what’s free and what isn’t.